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Please note that many documents on this page are out of date or are no longer applicable. We will be transitioning to a new website soon, and we will ensure only relevant forms are carried over to the new site. If you need to know if any particular form is still valid, please reach out to your Group Commissioner, Group Support Scouters, Scouting Relationship Manager, or the Council Key 3.

This page is a common "administrative" page to all 3 Councils under the Scouting Service Centre (Ottawa).  To return to your specific Council website, please click the appropriate Council link below. // Cette page est une page « administrative » commune aux trois conseils du Centre de service de scoutisme (Ottawa). Pour retourner au site Web de votre conseil, cliquer sur le lien réservé à votre conseil ci-dessous.

Do not use the main menu above unless you are with Voyageur Council. // Ne pas utiliser le menu principal au-dessus à moins d'être avec le conseil Voyageur.

If documents are specific to a Council, it will be prefixed with the Council's abbreviations // Si des documents s'adressent à un conseil particulier, ils seront identifiés avec l'abréviation du conseil:

VC = Voyageur, QC = Quebec, NOC = Northern Ontario

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Facility (Camp) Bookings

Camp Opemikon Website Camp Tamaracouta


Group Financial Information Request Form Autorisation pour la gestion de comptes de banque
Group Financial Information Request Form (Fillable PDF) (save file to be able to fill)  
Banking Authorization Letter (Opening an Account)  
Banking Authorization Letter (Changing Signatures) -- Word document  
Banking Authorization Letter (Changing Signatures) -- Fillable PDF  
Expense Reimbursement Form - ONTARIO Expense Reimbursement Form - QUEBEC
Charitable Tax Receipt Request - English Charitable Tax Receipt Request - French
Event Budget (template)  
Treasurer's Guide NOC Financial Reporting Guide
  NOC Group Financial Reporting Template
  NOC Property Financial Reporting Template
NEW - Scouts Canada Refund Policy and Procedures - For the new Refund Policies and Procedures, please visit the Scouts Canada website, and follow the instructions to initiate a Refund Request.

Fundraising / Revenue Development

VC Popcorn Charitable Tax Receipt Request
  Demande de reçu d'impôt
NOC Popcorn  
Grants & Funds - Application Procedure  
NOC- Fundraising request and approval  

Insurance and Contracts

Certificate of Insurance Request Indemnification Agreement

Registration (link to MyScouts)

QC - Process for Group Charter Renewal QC- Procédure de renouvellement de la charte
QC - Charter Renewal application form QC- Formulaire de la renouvellement de la charte
VC/NOC - Charter Renewal Application Form  
VC/QC - PRC Request Letter VC/QC - Demande de verification FR (Québec)
PRC Online Procedure Explanation  
NOC - PRC Screening Letter (OPP)  
***NEWVC: Submitting PRC/VSS Options 2020/2021***  
NEWScouters who request their PRC/VSS through Gatineau Police need to attend the Council Office with 2 IDs (for verification) to complete the request form. Before coming to the office, please contact the office for an appointment (see Council Office and Staff).
Code of Conduct Code de Conduite
Individual Hold Harmless Agreement Décharge individuelle
                                                       Refunds (See Finance Above)


  Training Application Form "EN"
Record of Training Form (In-Person) Training Application Form "FR"
Training Recognition Card Data Sheet Formulaire de demande de formation
Volunteer Readiness Agreement  

Program, Events, Marketing, and Communications

Calendar - Event Posting Form Program Quality Award Standards - Beavers
Tour Permit Program Quality Award Standards - Cubs
Camping and Outdoor Activity Form Program Quality Award Standards - Scouts
Event Registration Form (template) Program Quality Award Standards - Venturers
Event Budget (template) Program Quality Award Standards - Rovers
Guide to Managing Council Events Blue and Gold Award Application Form
Expense Reimbursement Form - See Finance Section Above Council Event Planning Guide
*NEW* VC -- Marketing and Communications Request Form *NEW* National Local Marketing Services Request Form


To nominate a youth or volunteer, fill out the appropriate nomination form and submit to your Council Recognition Chair for approval. For more information on each award, use the “National Recognition Guide” document below or the Recognition Page on your Council website.

Years of Service Certificates  
National Recognition Guide National Awards Poster
OSA Award Nomination Form Long Service Award Nomination Form
Medal of the Maple Nomination Form VC - Youth Award Nomination Form
High Character and Courage Awards Form VC - Order of the Caribou Nomination Form
Meritorious Conduct and Gallantry Awards Nomination Form VC - Voyageur Council Legacy Award Nomination Form
  VC - Recognition Procedures Handbook
Ontario Queen's Venturer Confirmation Form  

Group and Section Resources (unofficial)

Group Committee Agenda - (template) Group Growth Plan - (template)
Group Inventory Worksheet - (template) Super Group Paper (Merging Groups)
Group Budget - (template) Section Activity Budget - (template)
Section Year-End Report - (template) Group Health Assessment



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