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Call for Nominations - Council Voting Members

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Registration Open

Event Location

Online and Montreal, PQ

Event date

04/20/2018 - 05/22/2018 2018

Event Description

Scouts Canada is a corporation created by an Act of Parliament.

Council Top Section Awards

Event Status

Event Cancelled

Event Location

Carleton Area (Kanata), location TBD

Event date

06/16/2018 (All day) 2018

Event Description

Council Commissioner

*Please note: Scouter Tim Welch's term will conclude at the end of this Scouting year (2017-2018). However, as Scouts Canada's National Commissioner, John Estrella, has asked Councils to work towards more comprehensive transitions between Council Commissioners, we are looking for the next Council Commissioner now to allow for a "shadowing" period.*

Voyageur Council COVID Update -- October 9, 2020

***All in-person Scouting in Voyageur Council paused until further notice***

Council Key 3 will be providing weekly updates

Dear Scouters,

Thank You for your demonstration of resiliency as we adjust to our environment by pressing pause on in-person Scouting and return to virtual meetings. Being an example of adaptability is another way you are contributing to preparing youth for success in the world. Guiding them to navigate risk, stress and challenges will contribute to the development of resilient youth who will become resilient adults.

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