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Availability Calendar

Use the Availability Calendar to check which dates would be best to book your camping trip to Camp Opemikon! Visit the Booking Page for more information on how to book our sites!

Note that your reservation is not final until you have received confirmation from the camp administrator.

Updated January 16th, 2018

*Please Note that the calendar is not in real time*

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Click for Sept 2017 - Aug 2018 Availability Calendar

Already planning for next Scouting Year, check availability now.  Don't be disappointed and book your camping dates today.

*Please note this calendar is not updated in real time*

Updated January 16th, 2018

Click for Sept 2018 - Aug 2019 Availability Calendar

Dates marked with an "X" are booked, and blank dates are available for booking

If you have questions about a booking, please contact the Camp Administrator at 613-273-5291 or by email at


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