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Canadian Jamboree 2017 Contingent

The countdown is definitely on for CJ17! Let the adventures begin!

Note: All forms and previous Meeting Minutes are posted below (keep scrolling).


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Message from Peter Smith: Finding some information is starting to flow from the CJ17 team into the "Scouts Canada Discussion Group" on Facebook.  If you're on FB but not a member of that group, I'd recommend you join.

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The Voyageur Council CJ17 Contingent is now on Twitter. Follow us for the latest news and deadline reminders. Send in your photos and updates to so they can be Tweeted and shared. 


CJ Emergency Phone Number (effective July 4–16)

Effective July 4–16 our Jamboree Emergency phone number will be 902-832-5540.
It is only for emergencies and will be staffed by an operator 24 hours per day. If you call for an emergency reason they will take a message and then deliver the message to the recipient. It will not be possible for anyone to come to the phone to take an incoming call. Here's to not ever having to use it.
Cargo Details Update
Loading Date: Thursday, June 29
Unloading Date: Monday, July 24
Cost: $307/pallet, bring cheque for any remaining balance on loading day.
We still have one more party to confirm with, but we are fairly confident that you can rely on this information for your planning.
For all details, see below for the Voyageur Council Cargo Truck Loading Details form. Please read the entire document. Questions? Contact Ross at
CJ Fairgrounds Parking Lot
Address: 190 Exhibition Grounds Rd, Middle Musquodoboit, NS B0N 1X0
People arriving by personal transportation will park at the Musquodoboit Fairgrounds. When arriving at the off-site parking facility you will unload all personal and patrol gear and then park your cars as directed by Jamboree staff. Once the full patrol of youth, scouters and gear are assembled, you will receive your registration welcome package and then be taken by bus to the Jamboree site. If required, troop/personal gear will be loaded in a van and will follow your bus to the site.
At the end of the Jamboree on July 15, you will be returned by bus to the parking lot.
Important Forms and Email Addresses
Rental Forms and payments submitted to Halifax office;
Medical Forms submitted for all people to
Photo ID required by all Scouters;
Travel Forms to have been submitted and can be done online via CJ17 website;
Bring SC registration forms, Cat3 forms for all youth, copies of all the above plus your CJ17 registration and payment records;
Toss in a current picture of everybody too. if you still don't have your program schedule. for any and all questions if they aren't covered in the FAQ or Participant/OOS manuals.
Map of Camp Nedooae
See map pdf below for latest update to site plan of Camp Nedooae. Note: the Grocery Depot has been moved from subcamp 3 to the front gate.
Grocery "Depot" at CJ
The Grocery "Depot" at Camp Nedooae is now by the front gate. Patrols will need to plan accordingly: there will be a trek in the morning but, on the upside, it's along the way back to your campsite after a day of program. Don't forget your comfortable hiking shoes, a garden cart and a postive outlook.
See below for the latest Menu, Food Depot Flyer and FAQs.


Voyageur Council

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Upcoming Events

05/31/2019 - 12:00am - 06/02/2019 - 12:00am
Camp Opemikon, 530 Hanna Rd, Maberly, ON K0H 2B0
05/03/2019 - 12:00am - 05/05/2019 - 12:00am
Camp Opemikon, 530 Hanna Rd, Maberly, ON K0H 2B0
01/18/2019 - 7:00pm - 01/20/2019 - 5:00pm
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