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Council Office & Staff

Scouting Service Centre - Ottawa Roles and Responsibilities Chart

Executive and Management Staff

Regional Director, Eastern Canada 
Chistopher Blais ph: (613) 808-2078 christopher.blais[at]
Council Relationship Manager (CRM)
Kira Berger ph: (613) 229-7680 kira.berger[at]
Scouting Relationship Manager (SRM)
Geoff Williams ph: (613) 807-9722 geoff.williams[at]
Scouting Relationship  Manager (SRM)
Cassandra Campbell ph: (343) 550-7800 cassandra.campbell[at]
Properties Operations Manager Michael Howard ph: (613) 224-5134 ext 651 michael.howard[at]
Operations Manager Dave Osborne ph: (416) 490-6364 ext 222 dosborne[at]

Office Staff

Member Services Administrator Ladka Stodola ext 501 lstodola[at]
Administrative Assistant Lynn Levitan ext 502 llevitan[at]
Camp Opemikon Director Alisha Behme ph: (613) 273-5291 alisha.behme[at]
Camp Opemikon Warden Aaron Lidstone ph: (343) 548-0777 aaron.lidstone[at]
Accounting Assistant Lisa Quarrie ext 328 lisa.quarrie[at]

Scouting Service Centre - Ottawa


1345 Baseline Road, Suite 200

Ottawa, ON K2C 0A7

Booking rooms at Scouts Canada HQ: Email facilities[at]

(613) 225-2770 or (613) 224-5134

(General Inquiries: Scouts Canada Online Support Centre at

Long Distance: 1-888-726-8876

(613) 224-3571
Contact the Council Office for appointment


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