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ScoutCon 2018-2019

Event Status

Registration Closed

Event Location

St. Joseph's High School, 835 1st St, Renfrew, ON

Event date

11/10/2018 - 8:30am - 4:30pm

Event Description

Hosted by Algonquin Hills Area

Theme: Bridging the Gap!

Join your Council colleagues at ScoutCon 2018-2019 for some fabulous sessions including: Campfire Magic, ScoutsTracker, Scouting Traditions, Working with Challenging Youth, Knots, Preventing Volunteer Burnout, and much, much more!

When: November 10th, 2018 from 8:30am (check-in) to 4:30pm

Where: St. Joseph's High School, 835 1st St, Renfrew, ON

Cost: $25.00 (includes conference, lunch, and crest -- NEW THIS YEAR: all payment must be submitted online)

Registration Deadline: October 29th

What is ScoutCon?

This is a conference for all Scouters (and senior youth) in Voyageur Council. ScoutCon is an opportunity to get together with others in Voyageur Council and connect with the right resources and people There will be a program of workshops on all kinds of topics, led by passionate Scouters eager to inspire you to add to your program. You have to register in advance because all sessions have a capacity limited to the seats available in a typical high school classroom. Lunch will be provided, and the cost for lunch is included in the conference fee -- also included in the fee is a souvenir crest (you know you have the perfect spot for it on your blanket!).

How Do I Register?

Click here to access the registration form. Full details on how to fill out the form are available on the form itself. Please note that all participants, trainers, presenters, and OOS need to register for this event to ensure we have enough food and supplies for everyone! The registration cost must be paid online through PayPal, accessed via the registration form. If you have extenuating circumstances in regards to payment, see notes on the registration form.

What Sessions Are Being Offered?

Note on Wood Badge II for Section Scouters Sessions

The "Wood Badge II"/"WBII" sessions are for Scouters who are planning to pursue advanced Scouter training and achieve Wood Badge II recognition. Each of these marked sessions introduces one of the 26 WBII Scouter Development Cards, the learning objectives for that card, recommendations for plan-do-review, what is required to complete this skill, and offers options for your development plan for this skill. Some skill development may be completed in these sessions.

9:30am to 10:20am

  • Preventing Volunteer Burnout: Scouting will take every minute you will give it and ask for more. How do we protect ourselves from burning out? How do we protect our fellow Scouters? What strategies can we employ to prevent volunteer burnout? Join us as we discuss how to deal with this pressing problem.
  • Working with Youth with Learning and Behavioural Disabilities: Techniques and strategies for successfully working with youth with diagnosed disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and related challenges.
  • WBII in Voyageur Council (For Scouters working towards WBII): Find out how Voyageur Council Scouter Development is implementing the Scouts Canada Canadian Path Wood Badge II including introduction to the Voyageur Council WBII checklist. How does self-directed learning work? Scouters who are interested in developing advanced Scouting skills and their WBII recognition should attend (companion session with "Mentoring Scouters in the Completion of their WBII").
  • Mentoring Scouters in the Completion of their WBII: For WBII Support Scouters who are coaching and mentoring WBI Scouters to develop their WBII plan and complete the Scouter Development Cards to earn their WBII. How to help Scouters plan, learn, do, and check off the 26 Scouter Development Card skills (includes the information in the companion session "WBII in Voyageur Council").
  • MyScouts: This largely participant-driven session will allow you to get answers to specific MyScouts questions and learn more about the functionality of our major membership management tool.
  • International Travel: What do we need to know and do to involve our youth in service projects around the world? What do they need to know and do? Get practical information and tips about how to get your youth way out of the Gym and learn how to plan for international travel, service, and adventure.
  • Company and Crew Scouter Sharing Session: Venturer and Crew Scouters Sharing Session to meet other Company and Crew Scouters and share ideas, projects, activities, experiences and Great Adventures. Facilitated by an experienced Scouter.

10:30am to 11:20am

  • Recognition: We all have youth members and Scouters who willingly take on additional tasks and go “above and beyond” what we expect of them. What forms of Recognition, both formal and informal, can we use to express our Thanks for all that they do?     
  • Working with Challenging Youth & Behaviour Management: Scouting offers amazing opportunities for adventure – but this can be challenging sometimes for youth who have varied personalities and energy levels! Join us and learn some strategies to make strong, inclusive and successful programs. We’ll discuss best practices for providing structure to your meetings to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants.
  • Wood Badge II - Facilitating Section Meetings: In this session you will learn about how to: facilitate fun, safe and constructive Section meetings; complete a risk assessment before every meeting; facilitate a youth-led meeting; facilitate Opening and Closing Ceremonies; observe the Two-Scouter Rule and Scouter-youth ratio of 1:8 and ensure that it is always maintained during Section meetings; use the Scout Sign to regain control of a room; recognise when a Section is operating effectively and how to get the meeting back on track when it is not operating effectively; support the Section Leadership Teams when planning meetings; and meet with the Scouter Team after a Section meeting to debrief and review.
  • Wood Badge II - Engaging Parents and Recruiting Volunteers: This session will teach you why an engaged team of parents is important and how you can implement parent-engagement strategies, what are the key drivers of parent engagement, how to run an orientation night for parents., why involving parents in the seasonal review process is important, how to conduct a program review with parents, how to facilitating opportunities for youth to showcase personal progression and skill development to parents, why regular communication with parents and its effect on program quality is important, how to identify and recruit Volunteers to help facilitate the Scouting program, how to describe the benefits of volunteering with Scouts Canada, how to use the elective recruitment process and how to engage prospective Volunteers using Volunteer recruitment pools.
  • Safety & Risk Management (Running a Safe but Adventurous Program): Scouting programs need to be adventurous. Scouting programs need to be safe. Are these statements contradictory? Join us for a facilitated discussion on how we do both.
  • Basic ScoutsTracker (Part 1 of 2 -- 2 hour Session)**: I know that ScoutsTracker is a powerful tool that let’s me track what are youth have done, and lots more, but I don’t know how to even get started with it!!! Join us for an entry level introduction to ScoutsTracker. Please note this is a two hour session and requires you to register for both parts.
  • Troop Sharing Session: Scouters Sharing Session to meet other Troop Scouters and to share ideas, crafts, activities, experiences, and Great Adventures. Facilitated by an experienced Troop Scouter.

11:30am to 12:20pm

  • Scouting Traditions: Scouting is now well into its second century. As the world, and learning environments, becomes more digitally focused, we risk losing many of the traditions that formed the beginnings of our Movement. What are the traditions of Scouting? Which of these should we preserve and promote, and which of these should be left in the last century? Join us for a demonstration and discussion on Scouting Traditions.
  • Youth Mental Health & Identity: The youth of today face bullying, cyber-bullying, issues of identity, anxiety, and depression. How can Scouters and Scouting help to identify these potential struggles in our youth, support those youth, and create a positive environment that builds self-esteem and confidence? Join us for a facilitated discussion an youth mental health and Scouting.
  • Wood Badge II - Assessing Program Quality: This session is all about: facilitating Program Quality Assessments with Youth, employing the Four Elements when planning and executing Scouting activities, learning how the Program Quality Assessment process helps improve the Scouting experience for youth, reviewing the outcomes of a seasonal Program Quality Assessment with my Group Commissioner or Group Committee, and creating an environment where youth are fully engaged in planning, doing and reviewing their program cycles.
  • Wood Badge II - Facilitating a Balanced Program: Attending this session will teach you how to: incorporate the six Program Areas over the course of the year’s adventures to ensure that the youth have the opportunity to develop in all of the SPICES; recognise how activities sometimes fit into more than one Program Area and how to prioritize them; describe the six Program Areas to youth and explain how each dimension applies to personal growth, explain the Program Quality guide and how to use it when assisting the youth in planning a balanced program, and facilitate an adventure for each of the six Program Areas.
  • Financial Control: What do we do with receipts? How do we track dues? Do we need budgets? How do we know how to set our fees? Whose job is Financial Control? Join us as we work through what all Scouters need to know about how we control the funds that come into and go out of Scouting.           
  • Basic ScoutsTracker (Part 2 of 2 -- 2 hour Session)**: I know that ScoutsTracker is a powerful tool that let’s me track what are youth have done, and lots more, but I don’t know how to even get started with it!!! Join us for an entry level introduction to ScoutsTracker. Please note this is a two hour session and requires you to register for both parts.
  • Pack Scouter Sharing Session: Cub Scouters Sharing Session to meet other Pack Scouters and share ideas, crafts, activities, experiences, and Great Adventures. Facilitated by an experienced Pack Scouter.

1:30pm to 2:20pm

  • Knots: Are you at “loose ends”? Come join us and “tie one on”. Or, if you’re  already feeling “tied up in knots”, come join us and well show you how to work them out. We’re KNOT just stringing you along!! Knots: come and learn how to tie them and how to teach them.
  • Youth Leadership: What do we mean by Youth Leadership in Scouts Canada? How can we develop Leadership skills within our youth of all ages? What is the role of the Scouter in an organisation led by its youth? Join Chris Lyon, Voyageur Council Commissioner, for a facilitated discussion on youth leadership.
  • Wood Badge II - Facilitating Adventures: Join this session to learn about your role as a facilitator to enable a youth-led adventure that uses the Plan-Do-Review process, define Adventure and describe how it takes place in each of the six Program Areas, demonstrate the Plan-Do-Review cycle for every adventure, facilitate the review of an adventure using age-appropriate questions that incorporate the SPICES, and use the Scout Method and apply it to facilitate adventures.
  • Wood Badge II - Facilitating SPICES Development: Register for this session to learn how to describe the SPICES to youth members, and explain how each dimension applies to personal growth, demonstrate awareness of the SPICES opportunities available in each adventure the Section plans, demonstrate how to incorporate the SPICES over the course of the year’s adventures to ensure that youth have the opportunity to develop in all of the SPICES, identify specific SPICES where each youth in my Section might need encouragement to grow, demonstrate how to use the SPICES as a guide during program review, and understand how to ask age-appropriate SPICES review questions.
  • Group Commissioner 101: Thinking about taking on a leadership role as Group Commissioner? New in the GC Role? Looking to enhance your toolkit of resources? Join us for Group Commissioner 101 where we’ll share top tips on how to be efficient and successful in your role.
  • Coleman Stove Workshop*: Classroom session on Coleman Stoves (& Lanterns) maintenance. This session can be followed by an optional outdoor hands-on work on stoves in following 2 sessions. If you chose to participate in the two hour hands-on follow-up workshop, please indicate "I would not like to attend a session during this time slot" for the 2:30pm-3:20pm and 3:30pm-4:20pm time slots. Also, be sure to bring your problem stove (one stove per participant) in for diagnosis.
  • Scoutstracker 202 -- Commissioner Edition: I’m fairly comfortable with ScoutsTracker, but I know it can do a lot more than what I’m using it for now, especially as I'm a commissioner. What exactly makes the Commissioner edition of Scoutstracker different than the Section edition? Join us for a session on getting the most out of ScoutsTracker.

2:30pm to 3:20pm

  • Campfire Magic: How do you make a pile of logs spontaneously and inexplicably burst into flame? How do you make the flames change their colour? Join us and learn the many mystical secrets of campfire magic.
  • Wood Badge II - Planning for Youth-led Scouting: Join in this session to learn about: facilitating the planning of a safe program that encourages youth leadership in age-appropriate ways; facilitating youth-led planning; employing opportunities for linking with other Sections; involving youth in the budgeting process in an age-appropriate way; and using the Program Quality guide to facilitate youth-led planning in an age-appropriate way.
  • Wood Badge II - Facilitating Personal Progression: Registering for this session will allow you to learn about how Scouting develops well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world, how a youth develops on The Canadian Path through personal progression, how to guide youth through regular reviews of their personal progression, what the different badge programs available through Scouting are, and how to conduct personal progression review with youth in your Section.
  • Wood Badge II - Incorporating the Badge Program: This session will teach you about the role of badges and the use of badge programs, how to facilitate the different badge programs available for youth in Scouting (Personal Progression, Personal Achievement, Outdoor Adventure Skills, Top Section Awards, Canadian Path Link badges, etc.), how to support youth pursuit of Personal Achievement badges using self-set goals (for Colony, Pack, Troop), how to  facilitate the opportunity for youth to achieve the Top Section Award in my Section, and (for Company and Crew Scouters) how to facilitate personal development goal setting.
  • Scouter Conflict Resolution: Great Scouters are passionate about the Movement and our youth. Sometimes this passion can lead to conflict when equally passionate Scouters have different views of the Movement or approaches to leadership. Conflict may also occur when a Scouter believes that their passion is not matched by other Scouters in the Section or Group. How can a team work through this conflict and get the best out of all of its members?
  • Marketing your Group (On the Path to Growth): Join us as we discuss the factors affecting your Group’s retention, growth, and how to problem solve to achieve Group health and success. We’ll share creative best practices, how to engage and empower Scouters, and how to engage more with your community. Learn to provide the strategic leadership to your Group!
  • Scoutstracker 201 -- Advanced Topics: I’m fairly comfortable with ScoutsTracker, but I know it can do a lot more than what I’m using it for now. Join us for a session on getting the most out of ScoutsTracker.

3:30pm to 4:20pm

  • Scouting & Social Media: Social Media platforms now form the basic connection and communication tool set for most of our population. How can we best leverage this powerful tool set to both promote our programs and attract youth and adults to the Movement? What risks must we keep in mind as we make use of Social Media for Scouting and personal purposes?
  • Wood Badge II - Youth-led Camping: Find out how to facilitate age-appropriate, youth-led weekend camping with your Section, facilitate budgeting for a camp with your Section, help youth in your Section select equipment for camp, facilitate age-appropriate adventure (the right place, at the right time, with the right people and with the right equipment), help youth select a safe and age-appropriate location for a camping trip, facilitate the completion of a Camping and Outdoor Activity Application and Emergency Plan, ensure that youth plan a menu that meets the dietary requirements of the group and the activity, facilitate a hazard assessment with youth, develop a contingency plan, and describe the seven principles of Leave No Trace.
  • Wood Badge II - Using the Patrol (Team) System: Learn all about facilitating a Scouting program that functions primarily in Lodges/Lairs/Patrols and teams, how a “Patrol” functions within your Section, the function of the Section Leadership Team and its role in relation to the “Patrols”, how to form Patrols, and when the youth in my Section should gather in their Patrols, and how to encourage youth leadership in a Patrol setting and help the youth in your Section set a positive example for others.
  • Wood Badge II - Facilitating the Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS) Program: Join us and learn how to facilitate the Outdoor Adventure Skills program for youth in your Section, what the role of OAS is in marking the youth’s personal progression through adventure, what the OAS competencies are and what qualifications are required to facilitate or instruct, how to ensure youth awareness of safety and risk management while pursuing the OAS program, and how to find resource persons to help youth in your Section learn Outdoor Adventure Skills outside your qualification to facilitate or instruct.
  • Succession Planning for Group Commissioners: It falls to the Group Commissioner to keep the Section’s programs fresh and the Group energised. This is accomplished, in large part, by making sure that the Scouters in the Section & Group roles do not get “stale” and ensuring that there is a steady supply of Scouters who want to take on the various roles. How do we make all the roles in Scouting appealing to our volunteers and how do we prepare them to want to take on the next challenge? Join us for a facilitated discussion on succession planning.
  • Coaching and Mentoring New Scouters: How do we advance the knowledge, skills, and confidence of our fellow Scouters without “telling them what to do”? How do we support them in a busy environment, when we know we could do it better and faster ourselves? How do we deal with their failures and our own as their mentors? Join us for this facilitated discussion.
  • Colony Scouter Sharing Session: Beaver Scouters Sharing Session to meet other Colony Scouters and share ideas, crafts, activities, experiences, and good places for outings. Facilitated by an experienced Colony Scouter.

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