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Venturer Kayak 1

Event Status

Registration Open

Event Location

Madawaska River

Event date

06/01/2018 - 7:00pm - 06/03/2018 - 3:00pm

Event Description

Venturer Kayak I

Hosted by the Voyageur Council VAF

Cost: $120 + HST plus equipment rental of $50 + HST, if required

Registration deadline: May 1, 2018 when payments need to be collected by the Council Office

Payment method:credit, debit, cheque or cash

The main canoeing course will be a Level 2 course, with a full day at Palmers Rapids followed by a downriver run from Aumond’sBay to Buck Bay on Sunday. 

This Level 1 kayaking course will be at Palmer Rapids both days. 

Professional instruction will be given by Paddler Co-op of Palmer Rapids.  There will be 1 instructor per 6 kayaks.

The prerequisite for this course is moving water experience, normally acquired at WW1 canoeing.

Participants may wish to brush up on a flat water skills pre-training and safety course.  A pre-training course is scheduled for 10:30 am on April 29 at Camp Opemikon.  However, this course will focus on canoeing, and there will be no on-water kayak practice available

There will be ample opportunity to practice at this course - each participant will have a seat in a kayak available at all times and there will be a maximum number of participants.  Venturer companies are expected to bring or rent a sufficient number of white water kayaks.

Priority will be given to Venturers and advisors from Voyageur Council.  If space permits, Joint Council units and other Scouting members will be considered.  The course is not open to members of the general public.

Paddler Co-op will rent white water kayaks for $50 per person (plus tax) for the weekend. This rental fee includes the paddles, PFDs and helmets.

You may also bring your own kayaks, but you must tell us the make and model, in advance, for approval by Paddler Co-op.  Otherwise, you can rent kayaks from Paddler Co-op.  But remember, there are NO REFUNDS.

You will spend both days at Palmer Rapids, a very good and exciting rapid for training.  It is a 15-minute paddle from the campsite at Paddler Co-op.  Some of your other Venturers may be going downriver on Sunday as part of their course.

All groups must be self-contained for camping and food.  Camping will be at Paddler Co-op in the village of Palmer Rapids.  Each group must be self-sufficient; there will be no camp mug-up or formalities.

Groups should arrive at camp on Friday evening.  A map accompanies this information.  A Scouts Canada sign will be set up at the side of the road.  Be sure to register shortly after your arrival.

For more information, including Requirements, Registration, Rules, and What to Bring, please visit:

Questions? Please email Bill Bowman at

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