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Voyageur Council Cuboree 2019

Event Status

Registration Open

Event Location

Apple Hill Scout Reserve, 18739 Kenyon Concession 2 Apple Hill, ON, K0C 1B0

Event date

05/31/2019 - 7:00pm - 06/02/2019 - 2:00pm

Event Description





Join Voyageur Council Cub Scouts at Apple Hill Scout Reserve May 31 – June 2, 2019!!

We have some amazing activities planned including Dino Tracks, Jurassic Survival, the Lost World, the Tar Pits, the Great Plains, and of course Dino Crafts!  We will also have an EPIC CAMPFIRE on the Saturday night, and Badge Trading!

Join us and meet new friends……..bring your favourite dinosaur jokes…….bring a dinosaur-themed song to campfire……COME AND HAVE THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!!!!!

To register, please download and fill out the appropriate form below (OOS or participant) and submit according to the instructions on the form.

This camp is guaranteed to be DINO-MITE!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can attend this camp?

    Current active members of Scouts Canada can attend this camp.  Parents of youth can also attend if they are in compliance with Scouts Canada Screening Policy.

  2. Can White Tail Beavers Attend This Camp?

    t is STRONGLY recommended that a White Tail Beaver wishing to attend camp must have already swum-up to their Cub Pack, have been attending regular meetings and have attended a weekend camp with the Cub Pack.

  3. What Is Included In The Camp Fee of $35.00 per person?

    The camp fee includes the use of your campsite for the weekend, a camp crest, and all the activities for the weekend.  Groups are to come self-contained – bring your own tents, cooking gear, food, etc.  The Camp Rangers will be providing garbage and water services throughout the weekend to assist groups, to give them more time to enjoy the camp.

  4. Can All Faith Groups Attend? 

    ALL groups are welcome!!!  Special arrangements can be made for all faith groups who are unable to attend the full weekend, to attend for the day only, coming in just before opening ceremonies on the Saturday, and leaving after campfire. Please email for more information.

  5. Is There An Emergency Plan For The Camp? 

    The Emergency Plan for Cuboree, which you will need for your Outdoor Activity Form for your Group Commissioner, will be posted on this site in the near future.

  6. What Time Can My Group Arrive To Set Up Camp? 

    Gates will open at 5 p.m. on Friday. A Scouters Guide will be emailed to all groups prior to camp with more information. 

  7. Is There Potable Water On Site? 

    There will be a water truck on site just after dinner time on Friday.  Please bring enough water to last your Pack for water bottle fill ups and mug up on Friday.

  8. Are There Picnic Tables On Site?

    Each group site will have 1 picnic table.  Please bring your own folding tables as needed.

  9. Are Fires Allowed On The Campsites?

    No.  The only fire allowed on site is the Council Campfire on Saturday night.

  10. Are Trailers Allowed On The Campsites?

    No.  Space is very tight.  Trailers must be parked in the north field with all other vehicles.

  11. Where Can We Park Our Vehicles?

    All vehicles, with the exclusion of those belonging to the Camp Wardens and the Camp Committee, will be parked in the north field.  There will be an emergency vehicle parked at the Admin. Building for any emergencies that may arise.

  12. Will electrical service be available?

    No.  No generators are permitted. Equipment requiring power must be battery operated (ex. CPAP machines).

  13. Are fire extinguishers required? 

    YES!!!  Your Group is required to have a fire extinguisher(s) with your gear.

  14. With the new changes to BP&P, can we get a clarification regarding the use of cutting knives for cooking at camp?

    Please refer to Policy 37. All cooking knives are accepted but of course caution and common-sense are recommended when using food preparation knives. 

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