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Group Files and Records

This page is a common "administrative" page to all 3 Councils under the Scouting Service Centre (Ottawa) below.

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Hello Group Committee Volunteers,

As we all know, the faces in Scouting change given enough time – it is inevitable.  It is during these times of change that Council may need to be ready to assist with a smooth transition.  One of the responsibilities of your Council is to collect records of Group files for the purposes of maintaining continuity. 

Living in the age of electronic communication, it is easier than ever to collect documents through e-mail and other means aside from paper and snail-mail.  To that end, Council has set up an e-mail address that we are asking Groups to use when sharing your records.


What records does the Group need to send to Council and when?

  • Group Year-End Report – 90 days after the end of the Scouting year (Aug 31)*.  This report would include:

           >  Short written summary of the highlights of the Scouting year within the Group (no more than a page)

           >  “Independently Reviewed” Financial Statements for the Group as presented to the Group Committee

           > Group Inventory Report

* IMPORTANT:  If there will be a whole-sale change of Group Committee members, then an interim report by June 30 may be appropriate.

  • Group Budget (for the upcoming Scouting Year) – by August 31.
  • Group Committee Meeting Minutes – on an on-going basis as meetings occur.
  • Outdoor Activity Forms – on an on-going basis throughout the year


Why send Council Group records?

Council enters a partnership with local community Partners or Sponsors (e.g. Church, School, Business, etc.) to operate a Scouting Group for the purpose of delivering the Scouting program in their community.  The Council issues a “charter” (a licence to operate) which comes with reporting accountabilities as outlined above.

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