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Growth Resources

Click here to download the "People Say There Are No More Frontiers" flyer!

NEW! Best Practices for Group Growth

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NEW! Grizzly Creek Solution

Recruitment of volunteers is an on-going task for Scouts Canada.  This training package was developed as a workshop to provide a key resource for volunteer recruitment.  This resource has 3 parts: The video, an instructor's handbook and a set of participant's worksheets

The video will soon be available on youtube.

Creating a Growth Strategy

The "Creating a Growth Strategy" Manual is a step by step document which can be used in part or whole.  It defines Growth and Retention.  It includes a calendar of activities to assist with growth throughout the Scouting season and how a Group Committee can make a plan.  There are details about best practices on recruiting and how to evaluate the Group’s plan.

Jumpstart 2 Growth:

JS2G provides you with easy-to-use tools such as simple "how-to" guides.  Most topics include templates for items such as posters, letters, invitations and bulletins that can be personalized to your specific Group.  JS2G features best practices from Scout Groups across Canada on 7 topics including:

  • Retaining and Recruiting Youth
  • Launching a New Scouting Group
  • Retaining and Recruiting Volunteers
  • Scout Group Sponsors
  • How to Host an Open House
  • Run a Bring-a-Friend Event
  • How to Run a Registration Event

Visit the Jump Start 2 Growth Page Here.

School Flyer Promotion:

This Voyageur Council promotion is designed to raise the awareness of Scouts Canada’s programs through the local schools.  Mid-September enough flyers are sent to participating Schools for each student Sr Kindergarten to Grade 6 to take home.  The Group Locator and  VC info is available on the flyer. 

If Groups would like to hand deliver School Flyer packages to local schools in their catchment area please contact your Area Support Manager to make arrangements. 

Click Here to view the Voyageur Council 2015-15 School Flyer, English