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Meal and Dietary Information


Most meals are eaten in the Dining Hall. The Dining Hall is in main camp, and can seat up to 250 people. The campers sit at picnic tables of 8-10 people with their group and are served their meal family style (given bowls or platters of the meal items for the table to serve themselves). The Kitchen Staff cook in an industrial sized kitchen just off the dining hall.

On Friday nights, to celebrate the end of an exciting week at camp, the campers get to enjoy a banquet dinner. While the menu will change weekly, your camper can look forward to an elaboarate meal of roast beef, pulled pork, or whatever else the kitchen staff have dreamed up for that week!

During most meals, the campers will get the chance to participate in some of the meal games we do; like Yuk!, Funky Beat, Show Us How to Get Down, Funky Chicken, Wanna Buy a Duck?, Ain't No Flies on Us, Spirit, and Table #1.

The Menu:

The Menu changes every week based on many factors, but here are some common meal items that Camp Opemikon offers during most weeks:

Breakfast – bagels/toast, cold cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, fresh fruit, muffins, eggs and bacon, pancakes, French toast and breakfast sausages, croissants, orange juice, and milk

Lunch – grilled cheese, sandwiches, our famous pizza casserole, chicken burgers, hot dogs, sloppy joes, pizza English muffins, tacos, fresh veggies and dip, salad bar and juice

Dinner – our famous roast beef dinner, spaghetti, fajitas, chicken-and-rice, shepherds pie, hamburgers, pork chops, pizza, pulled pork, salad bar, dessert, and juiceup

Mug-up -- Cookies, brownies, nachos, pretzels, fruit, rice krispie squares and juice/water.

Allergies/Dietary Needs:

Allergies are handled by the kitchen staff directly. They are given the master allergy list before the week starts and there is one designated kitchen staff that is in charge of allergies. That person works under the supervision of the Head Cook to create allergen-free menu items for each camper that are as close to the main meal as possible, then prepare and deliver the meals to those campers.

All the kitchen staff are very well versed in making sure food is not cross-contaminated with potential allergens. When cooking allergy foods, they will use separate/freshly sanitized counter tops/cutting boards/utensils, separate pots/pans/grills, as well as a separate toaster for gluten free/sesame free bread items.

For more severe food allergies, if you would feel more comfortable speaking directly with our Head Cook or Allergy-assigned Kitchen Staff, feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting (either at camp or on the phone).

Providing a cooler bag of known allergen-free foods for your camper to bring to camp is also a possibility. We keep it in the fridge separate from the other food and use it to supplement the meals that we make for your camper. If you would like to take advantage of this option, contact us in advance so we are prepared to accommodate. Refer to the typical menu items above for ideas on what to include in your cooler.

Allergies we can easily accommodate:

  • Peanut and tree nut – we do not serve any kind of nuts in our kitchen, and we do our best not to order foods that “may contain” nuts. We cannot guarantee a “nut-free” environment because of the amount of people that attend our camp, but we do our best to keep all nuts out of our facility.
  • Gluten/wheat – we keep a regular stock of gluten and wheat free foods at camp to accommodate this allergy.
  • Lactose/Dairy – we keep a regular stock of lactose and dairy free foods at camp to accommodate this allergy.
  • Egg – we keep a regular stock of egg free foods at camp to accommodate this allergy.
  • Vegetarian – we keep a regular stock of vegetarian meat replacements at camp to accommodate.
  • Fish/shellfish – we don’t usually serve fish, but if it does come up on the menu we will give an alternative meat source.
  • Fruit/Vegetable/Spices  - Specific allergies to individual fruits or vegetables can be accommodated.
  • Sesame - we can provide alternatives to breads and products with sesame.
  • Diabetic – we are able to assist with diabetic needs, providing nutritional information where available.  We do have a stock of sugar free drinks and desserts.

Allergies we cannot accommodate without assistance:

If you have one of these allergies you are very welcome at camp! Contact us before your week to determine how we can best serve your camper.

  • Soy – due to the frequency of soy in the commercial foods we serve, it is very difficult to accommodate this allergy. Feel free to contact us if you have suggestions or special alternatives you would like to send up.
  • Vegan - Due to the prevalence of milk, eggs, and other animal products in the food items we purchase we cannot guarantee our foods will meet the strict desires of those with a vegan diet.
  • Religious Diets (Kosher and Halal) - We are happy to provide a pork free or vegetarian menu for those who wish, however our meat and other food products are not necessarily Kosher or Halal, nor is our kitchen set up to prepare such foods in accordance with religious laws.

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