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Meet Our Staff for 2020!


Most of the Staff at Camp Opemikon used to be campers themselves, and they are dedicated to passing on the skills, knowledge, and excitement they experienced when they were young. Most have graduated from our Counsellor in Training program, and have demonstrated their leadership skills, program knowledge, and experience with children.

All of the Staff at Camp Opemikon do their absolute best to give each and every camper the best experience that they can have by making sure they are learning, safe, and having FUN! At Opemikon, our motto is "The Camper Comes First!"


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Waterfront Coordinator
Food Services Coordinator

Camp Director


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Camp Ranger

Aaron is our year-round-full-time Camp Ranger.  He is in charge of the on-site day-to-day tasks related to Camp Maintenance.  During the summer, the Maintenance Staff assist him with everything that needs to get done to keep the camp facility in tip-top shape.

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Each week a Professional Paramedic or physician or nurses volunteer a week of their time to come up and be the medical personnel at Opemikon. They are in charge of delivering all the medication to the campers at their allotted times in the day, and they deal with any of the major medical issues. They also stock the first aid kits for all the Program staff to use on their sites and on their out-trips.

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Junior and Intermediate/Senior Program Directors

The Junior Program Director and the Intermediate/Senior Program Directors work under the Camp Director as the Senior Staff members to over-see the programs in their respective areas. The Junior Program Director over-sees the Cub Field Programs, while the Intermediate/Senior Program Director Over-sees the Scout Field and Extreme Adventure Programs. They all have had a few years of hands-on experience in their respective programs, and are responsible for the staff and program delivery in those areas. They will usually deal with all major camper discipline issues in their field personally, and help out the Counsellors wherever needed.

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The Counsellors are what make Camp Opemikon the amazing place that it is! They are fun, energetic, CRAZY people that have lots of experience with children and the outdoors. They have usually been campers themselves, and most of them have come up through our Counsellor in Training (CIT) Program. They all have First Aid qualifications. They love doing what they do, and can find impossible amounts of energy to make sure the campers are safe, happy, some-what clean, and having fun.

Each counsellor team is headed up by a Head Counsellor. The Head Counsellor is someone who is 18 or older and has led their program before. They have lots of experience with children and just want to teach others how to run their program. They are in charge to make sure everything gets done so their program can be run the best way possible. Every program also has another Senior Counsellor, who helps the Head Counsellor lead the program. Next is the Junior Counsellor. The Junior Counsellors are somewhere between 16 and 18, and are learning how to deliver the program from the Head and Senior Counsellors. They have experience with the program elements, and all of them have worked with kids before. Some programs also have the privilege of having an Adult Scouter. An Adult Scouter is an adult member of Scouts Canada who comes up to volunteer a week of their time in a program of their choice. Usually, they are coming up with their son or daughter to assist the Counsellor team.

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Kitchen Staff

The Kitchen Staff work tirelessly to cook the meals for all the people at camp. They work in our Industrial Kitchen for long hours, and when they still have some energy, they come out for our camp-wide activities. They work very hard, and it shows, as the camp food at Opemikon is delicious! We are very grateful for them and all they do!   

For more information on the meals your camper will eat, or how we handle dietary needs, visit the Meal and Dietary Information Page.

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The Head Lifeguard is in charge of the beach. He or She runs the Aquatics Sessions with the other NLS qualified Lifeguards and is always there whenever anyone is in the water. He or She also instructs the other Lifeguards with any additional camp tasks required of them.


The Head Boatie is in charge of the boat docks. He or She, along with the Assistant Boatie, runs the Boating Sessions and is always there whenever anyone is using boats on the water. He or She also does any maintenance tasks around the docks, or around camp as required.

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Rocks & Ropes

Our High Ropes, Low Ropes, and Natural Rock Face are all run by our two Rocks and Ropes Staff. At least one of them has their certification and they both have lots of experience with climbing. They instruct the campers how to use the courses safely and keep all the equipment safe and inspected.


Maintenance and Equipment

The Maintenance & Equipment staff work under the Camp Director & Camp Ranger to do the day-to-day tasks to keep the camp in working order. They are often seen mowing the grass, cleaning something, fixing something, repairing tents, packing outtrip gear or driving around on the tractor!

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If you would like to join our Summer Staff Team, visit our Staff Information Page!

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