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Council COVID Update -- Nov 5, 2020

Voyageur Council COVID Update
November 5, 2020
All Ontario Regions in Voyageur Council now in or moving to Stage 2
Ottawa region moves to Stage 2 while Quebec-Outaouais remains in Stage 1
Dear Scouters,
It has been fantastic to see pictures and shared stories about outdoor and virtual adventures across our Council throughout the month of October, despite uncertainties related to COVID. The restrictions for Groups within the Ottawa Public Health Unit will expire this Saturday, and therefore all Groups under the Ottawa Public Health Unit are able to move back to Stage 2 as of Saturday, November 7 and take their plans back outdoors! Unfortunately, localized restrictions in Western Quebec remain in place, meaning that our Quebec Groups will remains in Stage 1 for the time being.
We are also aware that there are newly proposed (but not implemented) regulations regarding Ontario's stages and restrictions moving forward. While these proposals may offer some potential opportunities to move Groups into Stage 3 Scouting in the near future, we will keep up to date with all provincial and municipal health authority recommendations and regulations and be sure to provide any updates (as necessary) in our continuing weekly emails.
We know that everyone is looking forward to enjoying the last of the milder weather before the snow takes over, but please remember to review the Stage 2 guidelines before recommencing activities to ensure all safety standards are being met. As many of our Groups will continue to offer some level of virtual programming, due to localized restrictions or due to changing weather conditions, we encourage everyone to check out the events, programs, and opportunities that are available to you:
  • It's finally Know-vember! That means that Scouts Canada Virtual ScoutCon is on now! This virtual ScoutCon will be run through the David Huestis Learning Centre, and you can register now for some amazing courses throughout November 2020! Want to know what courses will be offered? Follow this link to check out the month-long schedule, or scroll down further in this email to check out a longer message about this ScoutCon. Each course will be offered more than once and they are generally aimed at Scouters who have been with Scouts Canada for less than 3 years (or who want resources to plan out their next adventures). This awesome program will offer sessions on:
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 
  • Personal Achievement Badges 
  • Patrol Systems and Section Leadership Teams Winter Adventures 
  • Gamestorming 
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Winter Adventures
  • Virtual Scouting 
  • ScoutsTracker - Introduction & Get the Most out of the Platform 
  • Behaviour Management 
  • Mental Health
  • While COVID restrictions have moved many Remembrance Day ceremonies and activities online, it is still important to observe and remember the sacrifice of those that have served our country. We encourage all Groups to look for information from their local Legion regarding online ceremonies, and to plan events with their Sections that include discussing what Remembrance Day means and reaching to local veterans organizations. For some additional information about Remembrance Day, including the Canadian Virtual War Memorial, please click here or visit the Canadian War Museum website.
  • Want to learn more about amateur radio and pick up a new STEM skill? The Scouts Canada National Museum team will be running another Basic Amateur Radio course, building on the success of last year! The course will start on November 15 and will run on Sundays from 2pm to 5pm using Zoom. If you're interested in registering, or would like more information, please email
  • Registration is now open for 2021 Scouting! To ensure that every youth reserves their spot for the upcoming Scouting year, we encourage them to register early so that they continue to benefit from our incredible program! As we recognize that this year has been unpredictable for many, this year's registration brings a couple of key stability measures: the general registration fee has stayed the same as last year and 2021 registration refunds will be offered up to January 31, 2021 (even if a youth registers right now). Have a potential new youth who is unsure about what we have to offer? They can still take advantage of the free trial period until Dec 31, 2020. For more information, visit
  • Missed out on the Raising Resilient Children webinar with Dr. Hanely-Defoe but still want to see what it was all about? You can watch a recording of the webinar through the David Huestis Learning Centre!
  • Wondering about Scouts Canada's goals and plans for all the Scouting properties across the country? After listening to and engaging with members throughout the organization, A New Vision for Scout's Canada's Camps has just been released and details all the survey results and feedback received from members across the country (including many from Voyageur).
  • Scouts Canada's National Annual General Meeting is taking place next weekend, November 14th, from 2:00pm to 3:30pm. All members are welcome to observe the AGM through the live-stream.
  • Check out the training modules available through the David Huestis Learning Centre including Welcome Back to Scouting 2020 for great tips, tricks, and resources for virtual and outdoor Scouting.
This message, as with our previous emails, will be made available on our Council COVID page and on our Facebook Group.
Thank you once again for all that you've done, all that you continue to do, and for all that you contribute to Scouting.
Yours in Scouting,
Voyageur Council Key 3
Paige Gladwin (Council Youth Commissioner),
Nicolas DesRoches (Council Commissioner),
Christopher Blais (Interim Council Relationship Manager),
Voyageur Council COVID Stages are PHU-Aligned
While we have previously moved forward with a modified Council-wide implementation of Stage 1 Scouting, growing differences in recommendations by specific public health authorities means that this approach does not accurately reflect current circumstances. As such, Voyageur Council has implemented a geographically-limited model which will align each Group with their respective Public Health Unit (PHU) and the restrictions that their PHU have put in place, as well as provincial and federal guidelines.
We encourage all Scouters and Groups to determine which PHU their Group falls under, and to look at the specific restrictions in place in their region. For clarity, all Groups continue to need to abide by provincial and federal regulations as well.
This means that effective today, November 5, Groups that fall under the following Public Health Units may re-open limited in-person activities according to Scouts Canada's Stage 2 guidelines:
Groups that do not fall under the Health Units listed above remain restricted to Stage 1 Scouting at this time. This includes all Groups under:
Please note that, in all cases, whether or not a Group can move to Stage 2 depends on the normal meeting location(s) of the Group pre-COVID. Additional clarity around this point, as well as further details about future potential changes to the Scouting Stage of each Council/Group in accordance with changing situations, is available at the new COVID-19 FAQ on the Scouts Canada website. As noted in the updated COVID-19 FAQ, Groups based in Stage 1 regions may not travel to Stage 2 regions to conduct Scouting activities, nor may Groups in Stage 2 regions travel to Stage 1 regions to conduct Scouting activities. For additional clarity around this point, please see the first five questions under the new COVID-19 FAQ. We encourage all Groups to consult with their Relationship Manager to ensure that everyone is clear as to which Public Health Unit guidelines they need to abide by, on top of provincial and federal regulations.
Some Voyageur Council Properties Open for Day Use!
For those of you in Stage 2 Scouting, Camp Opemikon will be opening to groups as of November 7th for outdoor day use and Apple Hill Scout Reserve opened for day use on October 31!
Camp Opemikon is located in Maberly Ontario, just one hour from Kingston. For more information or to book your space, please go to If you have any questions or would like to discuss your booking options in detail, please feel welcome to contact the Camp Director, Alisha Behme, at or (613) 246-2222. 
For more information about Apple Hill Scout Reserve, including the specific policies being followed for day use during Stage 2 Scouting, please visit
Scouts Canada Virtual ScoutCon 2020
You are invited you to join us for Scouts Canada’s first-ever National Virtual ScoutCon: KNOW-VEMBER 2020!
This Canada-wide virtual Scouter development conference will be running throughout the month of November, featuring live webinar sessions designed for Section Scouters to build on their skills and confidence in facilitating a great Canadian Path program for our youth.
What Sessions will be offered?
We have 10 awesome themes for our live webinar sessions. Each session will be offered 2-3 times throughout the month of November at various times to take into account our Scouters from Western to Eastern time zones. Sessions will be recorded and available after the event in the David Huestis Learning Centre. The sessions themes are:
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Winter Adventures
  • Mental Health
  • Behaviour Management
  • Personal Achievement Badges
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Patrol Systems and Section Leadership Teams
  • GameStorming
  • Virtual Scouting
  • ScoutsTracker - Introduction & Get the Most out of the Platform
Who Should Attend?
The National Virtual ScoutCon is open to Scouters across Canada! The topics are aimed at Section Scouters who are in their 1st to 3rd year of volunteering. Our focus is on Colony, Pack and Troop, but Company and Crew Scouters are welcome to participate.
If you are a seasoned Scouter, you are also welcome to attend and we encourage you to bring along a newer Scouter to help them build on their skills and confidence; Bring-a-Scouter and help build a culture of learning within your Section!
Where can Scouters register?
Your National Virtual ScoutCon: KNOW-VEMBER 2020 Portal in the David Huestis Learning Centre is where you will have access to all of the Session Topic information and registration links for the live webinars, as well as webinar recordings and additional resources. You will earn digital badges for participating in the live webinar sessions - collect them all!
Go to the David Huestis Learning Centre now via your MyScouts profile and follow the instructions on the Learning Centre homepage to enroll into your National Virtual ScoutCon: KNOW-VEMBER 2020 Portal.


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