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International Opportunity: Madagascar 2018

Adventure is Calling!

During Scouts Canada’s 2012 project in Madagascar, a member of the team described the village of Ambato Boeni as being the furthest she’d ever been from everything she’d ever known.  The island of Madagascar has long been called the Eighth Continent for exactly this reason.  It’s a unique blend of histories, cultures and traditions and is home to wildlife not found anywhere else in the world (we’re talking about you, lemurs).  As a member of the team of Venturer and Rover Scouts from Voyageur Council, you’ll have the chance to see this island in a way that most travellers never will: from the point of view of the Malagasy people.

Most of your time will be spent living and working in the village of Ambato Boeni.  The project details will be finalized soon and will be the next phase of development for the Roborobo Public School.  Since the completion of the first three classrooms during the 2012 project, this growing school has been providing a full primary education to hundreds of local boys and girls.  Over the course of nearly four weeks, you will also have the chance to experience a lot of what makes Madagascar so unique.  From the bustling capital of Antananarivo to the seaside port of Mahajanga.  From the central grasslands and the arid Boeni Basin to the lush forests and deep canyons of Ankarafantsika National Park.  It’s all waiting for you as a member of Madagascar 2018.  Are you ready to change the world?

Remember, space is limited, so download your information package and application form today!

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