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Nepean Sailing Club Program Opportunity

The Nepean Sailing Club is now offering a packaged sailing program which they can deliver to Pack and Troop youth from across Voyageur Council.

For more information about this opportunity, please review the presentation package below.

Important Details:

 1.  This is a Scouting Activity.  As such, Sections are to register AS A SECTION.  The Sections are to collect up the names and funds from each of their youth that are interested in participating in the below opportunity.  The Sections then sends ONE registration email to the Nepean Sailing Club for their section, outlining the following:

            # of youth attending from their section

            age of youth

            desired date they want to register for

            morning or afternoon session they are registering for

NOTE:  Once the Sailing Club confirms availability back to the section for the date they have requested, that email locks the section into that time slot for that # of youth.  From that point onwards payment is now owing.  CANCELLATIONS will not be allowed.


2.  This is a rain or shine event.


3.  The Sailing Club will then send an email to the section contact, outlining EVERYTHING that EACH youth must bring on the day of the event.


4.  The Section writes ONE cheque to the Nepean Sailing Club for those that they have registered in #1 above, and brings this to the Sailing Club ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT.  Cheque is to be made out to the Nepean Sailing Club


5.  On the day of the event, the Section Scouters are responsible to know which of their youth are in attendance at this event, and they are responsible to formally hand the youth over to their parents at pick up time.


6.  Leaders will not fit into the sail boats, so they will not be able to go out on the water with their youth.

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