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Program Standards

Program Standards - Quality Award

Did you know - Scouts Canada's Program Standards is also the Quality Award submission form?

  1. The PSQA is a simple checklist - if you are already running a quality program, this will "fill itself"
  2. The PSQA can be used during your planning meetings to ensure that you are delivering a quality program. 
  3. Quality programs are directly related to growth and retention

The goal for this Scouting year in Voyageur Council is that 60% of the junior sections will earn the Quality Award (Colony / Pack / Troop).  For the Program Standards Checklists, click here.

Check with your Group and/or Area Commissioner for information on how to submit your checklists to recieve the Program Quality Award.

For Group Commissioners, find out more below.


Program Standards for Venturers and Rovers

The Venturer and Rover program belongs to the youth.  For this reason, we encourage the youth of these sections to develop a set of Program Standards that work for their group. 

  • Develp a set of Program Standards that works for the goals of your section.  This work should be done by the executive and/or members.
  • Start with the Program Standards for your section as a template, making changes as necessary.  
  • Consult Scouts Canada's Mission, Principles and Practices for guidance, and your advisors.
  • Discuss the Program Standards with your Group Commissioner.
  • Once you have agreed on a reasonable set of standards, have the youth and the GC sign off on them.  
  • These Program Standards can be used to earn the Quality Award.
  • Send in a copy to the DCC - Program Standards
  • If you need help at any point, contact a member of your Area or Council support staff.

The Blue and Gold Award for Venturers

The Blue and Gold Award is presented for achievement in the areas of leadership and organization. A company may apply annually for the Blue and Gold Award. The certificate signifies that at the end of each full year of operation, the company has:

  • a set of meaningful by-laws, understood by the members;
  • had a full slate of officers for the year as outlined in the company by-laws;
  • held an election of officers for the coming term;
  • conducted a training or orientation session for its officers elect;
  • had its members regularly plan and participate in the company program;
  • completed a year’s program that has included some activity in each of the six challenge areas;
  • met with the chair and/or members of the group or section committee to advise them of company progress; and
  • an advisor actively participating in the full operation of the company

For the Application form for the Blue and Gold Award, visit the Administration Page.

National Standards - Revitalization!

Program Standards for Scouts Canada are moving forward - there is a Program Revitalization project that you can find out about here. Team Members have published a Program Review that talks about why we do what we do.  Learn about the acronym SPICES: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional, Spiritual.


Program Quality Awards for Group Commisisoners

Quality programs are directly related to growth and retention; as a Group Commissioner, you are responsible for both.  That is why we are asking GCs to do the paper work for the Program Standards Quality Award submissions.  Here are some helpful tips:

  • The PSQA is a simple checklist - if you are already running a quality program, this will "fill itself".
  • Forms can be found at or on the Administration Page
  • Set up a checklist for each of your sections, and fill it in as the year progresses, with help from the section leaders.
  • Use the checklist during group committee meetings and section visits 
  • If they are not already doing so, show your sections how to use the checklist in their planning process
  • Share the checklist with your AC.  This will help with section support 
  • Even if a section does not complete all the items, send in the form anyway
  • Send submissions in to DCC Program Standards or your Area Commissioner
  • Ensure that the awards reach your sections before year end.

Remember, The goal for the this Scouting year is that 60% of the sections will earn the Quality Award.   

The deadline for award submissions for the previous Scouting year is Jan 31.  However, you should already be working on award submissions for the current Scouting year.  

Program Quality - it's not just a good idea - it's your job!


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