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Schools & Scouting

Why Schools and Scouting: Partners in Education?




Organization reputation and experience

Tested and proven age appropriate programs

Learning by doing

Child retention/holistic learning

Run by trained, specialized staff

Less work for teachers

Outdoor camp setting

Alternative learning environment

Program matches school curriculum

Re-enforces class work

Working in small groups

One on one interaction with kids

Self development

Self esteem/inclusion


Address school’s specific needs


-          We provide in-class camp preparation sessions

-          We will organize and run the camp program

-          We make it easy!

Here are even more reasons:

The Scouting and Schools program is matched to the provincial curriculum.  This re-enforces classroom work and provides valuable return on investment of your students’ time.

We’re outside!  The outdoors is an excellent alternative learning environment and classroom.

Students work in small groups- providing a better student bonding experience and learning atmosphere.

We specialize in learning by doing.  Experiential education supports learning retention, and holistic learning.

Our trained, screened and specialized staff provides the program, allowing teachers to play a role providing support and encouragement to students. 

Schools and Scouting programs focus on self development – enhancing your students’ self esteem and motivation.

We can discuss what would be involved in customizing our program to meet specific curriculum needs.

Scouts Canada has been around for more than 100 years, a member of a world-wide movement of 28 million Scouts.  We have tested and proven age appropriate programs. 

And always – we have fun doing it!  We create those cherished “at camp” memories for everyone.

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