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Support & Services Resources

Parent Information Meetings

Every section in every Group should have good communication with the parents of the youth entrusted to them.  This will help provide a safe environment for the youth and keep the families informed of activities they may need to be involved with, parental responsibilities, and opportunities to help volunteers.

Here is a template on How to Run a Parent Information Meeting.

Parent Engagement Resources

Parents that are involved in their child’s Scouting program tend to have a better understanding of how we deliver on our mission, have a greater likelihood of volunteering, and tend to keep their children in Scouting year after year.

New Scouter Welcome Kit 

As part of every new Volunteer’s orientation to Scouting, this document should be provided as part of their introduction.  It can be given to potential volunteers who want to make an informed decision before becoming a registered member or during an orientation session.  Paper copies of the New Scouter Welcome Kit (NSWK) are delivered to each Group Commissioner in the spring in their Recruitment Tool Box.  It can also be found electronically on the National Scouts Canada Website.  For extra hard copies please contact your Area Support Manager.

Click here for the electronic version of the New Scouter Welcome Kit.

Volunteer Support Tool Kit

Scouts Canada provides important information to its volunteers through the “Five Pillars of Support”

  • Formal Training
  • Program Tools
  • In person Support
  • Feedback and Recognition

Click here for access to the Volunteer Support Tool Kit.

Vocational Scouting

myscouts information at Canada’s mission is “To help develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world.”  Vocational scouting brings together our hands-on approach with a more formal mentoring program.

Vocational Venturer Companies are sponsored by local Emergency Services. The program is an opportunity for youth to learn about Emergency Medical Service, Policing, and Firefighting.

Vocational Rover Crews are sponsored by—and made up of—local Emergency Services. The program is an opportunity for young men and women to learn about Emergency Medical Service, Policing, and Search and Rescue.

To learn more about the Voyageur Council Service Alliance, visit their page!

Action Plans and Goals

Every organization needs an action plan and goals to keep them on track.  Here is the link to Scouts Canada’s “Scouting Now Action Plan”.

Here is an outline of Servicing Standards.  The goal is to provide regular, in-person support for volunteers so that they are able to provide consistent, high quality programs.

The Health Check templates help Areas and Groups assess how they are doing in relation to the Scouts Canada standards and goals.

2015-16 National Goals: Working Smart to Grow.  We are One Scouts Canada working together to achieve the mission.

Program Revitalization

Baden-Powell described Scouting as a Movement.  To meet the needs of today’s youth volunteers and staff across Canada have been researching and designing new ways to provide our programs but still stay true to our mission and values.  To find out more about the new section programs that will be released for the 2014-15 season visit the National Canadian Path Page.


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