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Camp Opemikon Program Volunteers

Are you a Rover Scout or Scouter who loves the outdoors and would like to pass along your passion to Scouting youth? Camp Opemikon is looking for help supporting programs for campers during the September to June camping season. We are looking for people to facilitate our ecology program as well as archery and high and low ropes.

For ecology, we have a number of prepared trail cards that outline a number of activities. The facilitators give out the program materials and help the youth and scouters in using them. If you are comfortable, or maybe trained in WILD Education, you can add to the prepared programs. Sessions typically run 90 minutes to 2 hours and there can be a number of them over a weekend.

A certification is required in order to facilitate high and low ropes. A certification course for high ropes will be held at Ope on June 1 to 3. A low ropes course will also be held in the near future. No prior experience is necessary but you will need to be able to climb up the poles. High ropes sessions typically run for about 2 hours, low ropes around 90 minutes, both depending on the size of the group. There can be a number of them over a weekend. Given the cost of the courses, we ask that volunteers commit to no less that 4 weekends in the fall and spring.

For archery we prefer people with experience but can provide the necessary training. Your duties are to get the equipment ready and facilitate the session and ensure it runs safely. Sessions typically run 60 to 90 minutes and there can be a number of them over a weekend.

When volunteering at Ope, all meals will be provided and accommodations will be arranged if you need/would like to stay overnight.

Anyone with questions or interested in helping with these programs should contact Theresa Strickland at and Alex Gazaleh at Deadline for registration for the high ropes certification is May 24.

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