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Website Revitalization Team Member

Accountable to: Voyageur Council Deputy Council Commissioner -- Marketing and Communications.
Summary: We are looking for individuals to help us transfer our website from the existing site to an existing WordPress site, and to possibly assist in the ongoing maintenance of the WordPress site. These individuals would work as an “expert” team and would need to be familiar with content management systems (CMS) and WordPress. The Council will provide overall guidance, but we are hoping that the right team will be able to provide substantive advice and be able to take on transferring/converting the website. We will facilitate team development, but most work will be individual.
Time required: 10-15 hours per week (until project completion), potential of ongoing role.
Scope of the position: The Website Revitalization Team will be responsible for managing and facilitating the transfer of our current website to a WordPress website, including replicating and preserving/re-creating existing pages and databases. Team members will work on specific portions of the website individually, but will collaborate as a team to assist with the website change. Ideally, the team will also provide timely advice and be able to advise the feasibility of certain integrations/additions/changes.
In order to be successful, a Website Revitalization Team member will need to have an in-depth knowledge of WordPress and CMS (some knowledge of Drupal would be an asset) and be willing to work with other volunteers and staff to complete the project. The team will take direction from the Council Leadership Team and will be directly accountable to the DCC MarComm. Specific responsibilities per team member may include:
  • Delivering progress updates to members of the Council Marketing and Communications team;
  • Undertaking a review of a selection of Council sub-sites and determining the best way to transfer these sites into WordPress, in conjunction with other team members;
  • Working with other team members to complete the website revitalization in a timely fashion;
  • Providing advice to the Council Leadership and Marketing and Communications teams to help them assess current needs and to help ensure the new website meets functional requirements;
  • Facilitating the integration of new tools to help improve Council website functionality;
  • Keeping accurate logs of what pages and elements have been transfered and which still require work, so that the Council teams can determine whether all materials need to be transfered;
  • Assisting the Council teams in establishing a timeline for the website work; and
  • Working with Area Leadership Teams to build individual Area sites based on the new Council site and format dependent on timelines and demand from Areas.
We are also open to discussing an ongoing Webmaster volunteer role with the right candidate, and we would welcome ongoing input from all team members in regards to building the best website for the Council once it is ported. This role could be a great fit for a youth with WordPress experience, and we are willing to signoff on any volunteer hour forms.
If this sounds like a position you may be interested in, please submit your CV, cover letter, and a sample of your website work with WordPress (list of URLs and descriptions of work contributed) to:
Nicolas DesRoches, Deputy Council Commissioner -- MarComm
Please also address any questions to the above email. This position call will be open until April 8, 2017.

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